Westwood's Parochial Directory for the Counties of Fife and Kinross, 1862

Parish of Auchtertool

This is a small inland Parish, in the south-western part of the County. It is bounded by the parishes of Ballingry and Auchterderran on the north, by Abbotshall on the east, Kinghorn and Aberdour on the south, and Aberdour and Beath on the west. Its greatest length from east to west is about seven miles, and its average breadth one and a third miles. A range of hills called Cullaloe Hills stands across its west, and has an altitude of about 750 feet above sea level. The rest of the Parish is undulating, hill and dale succeeding each other in most irregular order. There is a small lake a little to the north-east of the village of Auchtertool, called Camilla or Auchtertool Loch, in which the Tiel burn takes its rise. The only villages are Auchtertool and Newbigging, but the latter may more properly be termed a. hamlet than a village. Coal is wrought at Little Raith, and limestone, whinstone, and sandstone, are quarried, but the latter is of poor quality. With the exception of a large distillery at Auchtertool village, there is no manufacture or public work in the Parish, unless the Colliery at Little Raith be considered a public work. The village of Auchtertool is in the south-eastern division of the Parish, about four miles from Kirkcaldy, and about the same distance from Lochgelly and Kinghorn. It contains a Public Library and a Savings' Bank. The inhabitants of the Parish are generally engaged in agricultural operations; about twenty hands are employed at the distillery, and a number of miners are engaged at Little Raith colliery. The only place of worship is the Parish Church, but in addition to the Parochial School, there is another in connection with the colliery at Little Raith, and an Infant School at Newbigging.

POST OFFICE, Kirkcaldy, with a Sub-Office at Auchtertool, Isabella Christie, Sub-Post Mistress. - Letters arrive from Kirkcaldy every lawful day about 10.15 a.m., and are despatched at 1.40 p.m.

Brand, Robert, Auchtertool
Clark, James, Newbigging
Kinninmonth, James, do

Brown, Andrew, Auchtertool
Kinninmonth, James, Newbigging
Moyes, David, Auchtertool

Cant, Miss, Auchtertool
Greig, Miss, Newbigging

Brown, Alex., Easter Lochhead
Brown, A., & Mrs J., Wester Lochhead
Brunton, William, Thistleford
Kilgour, Henry, Newtown
Kinninmonth, John, Auchtertool
Liddell, James, Kirkton
M'Ritchie, Mrs William, Craigton
Reekie, Andrew, Jun., Walton
Stewart, Robert, Thistleford
Watt, James, Glentrie & Mill Lands

Beveridge, Mrs, Auchtertool
Liddell, Misses, Kirkton
Liddell, Miss Helen, Milton, Auchtertool Morrison, Andrew, do
Reekie, Andrew, Sen., do

Those marked thus* are also Spirit Dealers.
*Christie, Isabella, Auchtertool
*Clark, William, do
Simond, Mrs, Auchtertool
*Simpson, David, do

Doyle, Miss, Miss Boswell's Infant School, Newbigging
Millar, David, Parish School, Auchtertool
Pitbladdo, _____ Lochgelly Iron Co.'s School, Little Raith Colliery

Burt & Cairns, Lime Quarry Owners, Auchtertool
Christie, Alex., Baker, Auchtertool
Clark, Thomas, Vintner, do
Johnston, James, Manager, Distillery, Auchtertool
Kinninmonth, James, Carrier, Newbigging. To Kirkcaldy, on Wednesday and Saturday
Lawson, David, Contractor, Auchtertool
Liddell, J., Distiller, Auchtertool House
Lochgelly Iron Co., Tenants of Little Raith Colliery
Lyddon, Joseph, Excise Officer, Auchtertool
M'Ewan, Wm., Blacksmith, do
Millar, David, Session Clerk, Registrar, Inspector of Poor, Collector of Poors' Rates, and Manager of Savings' Bank, Auchtertool
Morris, Robert, Corn Miller, Auchtertool
Paterson, David, Cartwright, Newbigging
Ross, Thomas, Tailor, Auchtertool
Simond, Mrs, Draper, do
Waddell, Mrs G., China & Rag Merchant, Auchtertool
Welch, Rev. W., Minister of Parish