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1878 Fatal Accidents

Notes - The information in this page is mainly compiled from appendices to the reports of the Inspector of Mines and Collieries - William Alexander for the Western District of Scotland and Ralph Moore for the Eastern District of Scotland. Additional details from the main body of the report are given where available. Many accidents are not listed in these reports and additional names have been added from newspaper reports and other sources - information not sourced from the mine inspectors reports is indicated by a shaded gray background

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Information from Appendix to Inspectors Report
Extra details
YearMonthDayName of CollieryWhere situatedOwners namePerson(s) killedOccupationAgeCategory (if given)Cause of death and remarks
1878January14CowdenbeathBeath, FIFCowdenbeath Coal Co.Alex. BlackTruck greaser75Miscellaneous on surfaceRun over by wagons 
1878January17DalzellDalzell, LKSJ McAndrew & CoWilliam GatenbierCollier15Falls of sidesAt “stooping” while holing. Insufficient sprags 
1878January21DonibristleAberdour, FIFGrieve & NasmythWilliam MuirCollier17Falls of RoofAt face while filling a tub (coal roof). Stoop and room 
1878January21MuiredgeWemyss, FIFBowman & CoAlex. BrownCollier27Falls of sidesAt face while passing in front. Long wall 
1878January23DunnikierKirkcaldy, FIFWalter HerdJames KnightCollier41Falls of RoofAt face. Long wallNewspaper report
1878January26Drumpeller, No 4Coatbridge, LKSHenderson & DimmackPatrick GriffenCollier25Fall of Roof & SidesFall of coal 
1878January31Braehead, No 6LugarEglinton Iron CoJohn CarlinCollier50Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1878January31Lanemark, No 1N CumnockLanemark Coal CoAlex. McStephneyCollier19Miscellaneous UndergroundRun over by hutch upon an incline 
1878February11BankheadSanquharMisses WhighamArchd. CrichtonCollier29Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof Newspaper report - Dumfriesshire pages
1878February20BlantyreBlantyre, LKSWm Dixon LtdPatrick RaganBrusher33Falls of RoofAt face of “brushing”. Long wall 
1878February21SouthfieldLesmahagow, LKSNitshill & Lesmahagow Coal Co.Gavin HamiltonWagoner--Miscellaneous on surfaceSqueezed between a wagon and pit-bank wall 
1878February26Bogleshole, No 4TollcrossJames Dunlop & CoAndrew JamiesonCollier53Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1878February28Dalharco No 2DalmellingtonDalmellington Iron CoAlex. M. CrackenCollier45Fall of Roof & SidesFall of coal 
1878March4WhiteriggNew Monkland, LKSWm Black & sonsHenry ParksSinker--In shafts – miscellaneousGiving way while putting in barring 
1878March5BathvilleBathgate, LinlithgowJames WoodJohn BrownJoiner73Miscellaneous on surfaceCrushed between 2 wagons while attempting to cross the line 
1878March5BlantyreBlantyre, LKSWm Dixon LtdThos MurdochCollier50In shafts- overwinding From Main body of report: Six men were killed by one accident. An engineman took the cage, upon which they were ascending, up to the pulley. He appears to have shut off the steam and so far decreased the speed, for the rope did not break, and the cage, although broken, remained attached to it. The six men, however, had either jumped off or slid off the cage, and fell to the bottom. One man remained on, and was removed uninjured. The engineman was tried at the Glasgow Assizes for neglect of duty, but a verdict of " not proven " was returned.

Newspaper Reports - Blantyre 1878 page

Robt. MurdochCollier20
Pat. HoughnieCollier36
Martin HoughnieCollier16
Pat HopkinsCollier20
Mich CurrieCollier40
1878March6BogsideKilwinningEg. Iron CoWilliam BurnsCollier35Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1878March6Caprington, No 31KilmarnockW. S. CunninghamAdam SawyersCollier41Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1878March8Barrwood, No 2 pitKilsythWm Baird & CoJames WardropeCollier52Explosions of fire-dampBy fire in shaft and explosion of fire dampSee Main Site
Walter RalstonCollier30
Robert WhiteCollier24
George YoungCollier34
James Wardrope junCollier16
William CameronCollier44
James CameronCollier15
James GouldCollier45
David WardropeCollier20
James RossCollier15
David GouldCollier19
Alex RossCollier40
David FlemingEngine boy17
Walter CowanIncline man32
Edward HardieCollier38
Alex BurnsBottomer34
John MillerCollier35
1878March13DrumclairSlamannan, STIJames Nimmo & CoWilliam BaxterBrusher36Falls of RoofAt face while taking down loose “brushing”. Long wall 
1878March16LangbyresShotts, LKSBarr & HigginsAlex. KeithCollier21Falls of RoofWhile “brushing” 2 feet from face. Long wall 
1878March18Auchinharvie, No 5SaltcoatsM CunninghamJohn FinlayBrusher51Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1878March19DykeheadHamilton, LKSSummerlee Iron CoJohn ChapelCollier24In shafts – miscellaneousCrushed by descending cage while attempting to cross the bottom. There was a road by the sideNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1878March20DrumshangieNew Monkland, LKSDumshangie Coal CoAndrew BurnsCollier--Falls of RoofAt face. Stoop and room 
1878March26LongleeDalserf, LKSLesmahagow & Longlee Coal CoThomas CregganCollier22Falls of sidesAt “stooping” while holing. Insufficient sprags 
1878March30NiddrieLiberton, EdinburghBenhar Coal Co LtdWilliam CurrieStone miner35Sundries undergroundStruck by stones from a shot which exploded while he was stemming it 
1878April10Springside, No 10DreghornA Kenneth & SonsRobert HayCollier26Fall of Roof & SidesFall of coal 
1878April12LathallanKilconquhar, FIFThos Brown & SonsAlex. NicholsonCollier50Falls of RoofAt face. Long wall 
1878April12NetherjohnstoneDalzell, LKSGlasgow Iron CoThos. McConnuskieRoadsman30In shafts – falling from part way downFell down a “blind” pit while he and others were lifting water from it with windlass and kettles 
1878April20CadzowHamilton, LKSCadzow Coal Co LtdThos GilmourDrawer20By tubs and tramsCrushed between loaded tubs and centre prop on a double road while “snibbling” the tubs 
1878April23BogheadBathgate, LinlithgowJames Russell & SonsFrancis BonarCollier15Falls of RoofAt face. Long wall 
1878April23Galston CollieryGalstonJ Horne & SonsHugh RichmondPony driver16Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1878April25CraigneukDalzell, LKSMerry & CunninghamHenry HarrisSinker40In shafts – things falling from part way downStruck by a piece of wood which formed part of, and fell from, a movable scaffold at splint coal 
1878May1KnockterraCumnockEg. Iron CoPatrick CairnsHillman21Above GroundWas run over by a waggon he was in the act of shifting 
1878May6BellsdykeNew Monkland, LKSBellsdyke Coal CoJohn McWilliamsBottomer68In shafts – miscellaneousCrushed by cage. Mistake of signals 
1878May10SalsburghShotts, LKSColtness Iron Co.John McMeekinMiner43In Ironstone minesFall of roof (sandstone) at face. Long wall 
1878May17BentHamilton, LKSBent Colliery Co LtdAndrew RussellRoadsman--Falls of RoofOn main road while repairing it. Stoop and room 
1878May24AuchenraithBlantyre, LKSMerry & CunninghamJohn MellonCollier44Falls of sidesAt face while holing in a 12 feet room. Want of sprags 
1878May24Spitallhill No 2CambuslangClyde Coal Co LtdRichard ShannonLabourer38Above GroundBy a crane getting unexpectedly into motion 
1878June3FenceLesmahagow, LKSNitshill & Lesmahagow Coal Co.Hector CoulterBrusher--Sundries undergroundWhile unramming a shot which had missed fire it exploded 
1878June3LevenWemyss, FIFFife Coal Co LtdJohn JohnstoneSinker--In shafts – things falling from part way downKnocked off the scaffold by bucket door falling while fixing it. Sinking pit. 
1878June6HallhillBailliestonSpringhill Coal CoWilliam GuthrieCollier37Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1878June7RoughriggNew Monkland, LKSRobert ForresterRobert CarsonCollier37Falls of RoofAt face. Long wall 
1878June10Loudon, No 1GalstonEg. Iron CoRobt WilsonPony driver14Miscellaneous UndergroundHad fallen before a train of loaded hutches which he was in charge of 
1878June13BraidholmLesmahagow, LKSNitshill & Lesmahagow Coal Co.Robert YuillBrusher50Falls of sidesIn a road while drilling a hole to blast it. Long wall 
1878June17Ayr CollieryAyrJ T GordonJohn KerrCollier20Fall of Roof & SidesFall of coal 
1878June19Garrion GillCambusnethan, LKSColtness Iron Co.Thos McQueenSurfaceman63By machinery on surfaceCrushed by a pulley which he was oiling while in motion 
1878June22Pollok CollieryPollokshawsJohn WilsonJames WhitehillFireman43Explosions of fire-dampExplosion of fire damp. Injured on 10th, died on 22nd

From Main body of report:
Happened to a fireman who, at the time of the accident, it is understood, was examining the mine before allowing the workmen to enter to their work, when he exploded a small quantity of firedamp which had collected in a part of the air-course a little above the ordinary level of the roof. The amount of firedamp was trifling, and the injuries which caused death 12 days after were at the time not considered serious. It was stated that this was the first time firedamp had been discovered in the mine, and that at the time of the explosion the deceased was making his examination with an open light.
1878June25Caprington, No 37KilmarnockW. S. CunninghamJohn MillerRoadsman74Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof while engaged securing it 
1878June25Garrion GillCambusnethan, LKSColtness Iron Co.Hugh AirdPit-head man33Miscellaneous on surfaceCrushed between 2 wagons while shifting them at the screens. Died 9th October 
1878June28Blackstone No 1CumnockEg. Iron CoJohn HughesMiner34In ironstone/fire clay minesFall of roof 
1878July2DalzellDalzell, LKSJohn McAndrew & CoGeorge SmithBottomer45In shafts – things falling from part way downStruck by a piece of coal from ascending cage 
1878July2WilsontownCarnwarth, LKSGavin PaulWilliam BrownCollier28Falls of RoofAt face. Long wall 
1878July6Bishopbriggs No 8BishopbriggsW S DixonHugh McVeyMiner23In ironstone/fire clay minesFall of roof 
1878July6Drumlemble, Kilkeevan PitCampbeltonArgyle Coal & Cannel CoNeil SmithCollier--Miscellaneous UndergroundInundation from an old abandoned working

From Main body of report: The pit at which the irruption took place is 27 fathoms deep, and was suddenly filled to within 12 fathoms of the surface. The old workings, from which the water flowed, are of considerable extent, but have been abandoned for upwards of 50 years.
Referring to plan which exhibits the workings of two seams of coal, the first six-feet seam lies at 18 fathoms from the surface, and the lower or nine-feet seam, at 27 fathoms. At the time of the accident the working was confined to the lower seam. The depth of surface overlying the stratified rocks, lying not far above the sea level, averages 54 feet, of which 40 is principally composed of sand. Several dislocations traverse this part of the coalfield, and the fracture, or ''veise'' is generally found filled with sand. In mining up to these fractures, or barring them, there is frequently a partial discharge of water, which is looked upon as quite an ordinary, occurrence. In May last the place marked x on plan, when extended to the dislocation a a, relieved some pent-up water, to check which supports were immediately put to the roof, and a rough darn constructed, backed by a loose building. This had the desired effect of shutting off the water, and the place was supposed to be left in a secure state. Nothing further was done until the 5th of July, when the .manager had occasion to be in or to pass near to the mine x, when he discovered water and sand passing from the front of the dam. On observing this, precautionary measures were taken, which were completed before night. No further discharge was observed up to the time of the disaster, which happened on the afternoon of the following day, 6th, when the water which lay in the six feet seam found its way into the mine x by the "veise" of the dislocation a a. The pressure of the water, probably equal to 100 feet or thereby, forced away the , obstruction at X , and made an opening down the veise of the dislocation 25 feet and 4' X 10', in which it must have rushed with considerable force. The bottomer, who was employed at the bottom, was so suddenly overtaken that he did not escape, and two of the miners, working at B, the dipmost part of the mine were, I presume, instantly closed in, their bodies being afterwards found near to their working-place. Fortunately the work was nearly over for the day, and five workman, engaged at different parts of the mine escaped by the" blind " pit.

The appliances for pumping, the water and unwatering the mine were kept in constant operation, but the bottom was not reached until the 2nd of September when the body of the bottomer was found, and nearly four weeks elapsed before the bodies of the others were reached. The works were conducted or guided by an old plan, which is now found to be in error at least 46 fathoms, or rather the workings have been extended 46 fathoms beyond the limit shown upon the plan.
The existence of water in the old workings was well known, but it was equally well known that it lay from 25 to 30 feet above the seam being worked. Since the accident a mine has been driven to prove the actual position of the old waste. This is a very unusual accident, the displacement of at least 25 feet of material, 4' x 10', more or less consolidated, and could only have happened under special conditions. The salutary provisions contained in section 42 of the statute, which provided that plans of abandoned mines shall be be lodged with the Secretary of State within three months after the abandonment will in future tend to prevent such misfortunes.
Newspaper report - Other areas
Daniel McPhailCollier--
John ToddBottomer64
1878July9BankendLesmahagow, LKSMonkland Iron & Coal Co LtdJohn CarruthersSinker17In Ironstone minesSuffocated by choke damp. They were sinking a windlass pit which had only reached 40 feet from the surface. One fell when he reached the bottom 
Andrew CarruthersSinker21In Ironstone mines
1878July15Gauchalland No 4GalstonGauchalland Coal CoJohn RoxburghCollier28Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1878July15Lanemark, No 1N CumnockLanemark Coal CoJames FergusonCollier41Miscellaneous UndergroundWhilst blasting 
1878July15Standhill, Limestone MineBathgate, LinlithgowJames Russell & SonsA HaslinMiner--Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof at face. 
1878July17DrumparkBailliestonDrumpark Coal CoHenry LaughlanCollier24Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1878July20Wester GartshoreKirkintillochJ & A WallaceRobert GraySinker23Explosions of fire-dampExplosion of fire damp.

From Main body of report: Happened at a shaft in the act of being sunk as an outlet for one adjoining. No 1, the first, reached the "main" coal at a depth of 54 fathoms. The workings in it are yet of a preparatory kind, the principal one being a mine driven towards and under the shaft No. 3 in the act of being sunk, and which eventually will form the course of communication between them. At the time of the accident the sinking pit had reached 37 fathoms from the surface. It appears that at a depth of 16 fathoms a bore-hole was: put down to the mine in the main coal off No. 1 pit, for the purpose of drawing the water off No. 3, and to the bottom of No. 1, where arrangements were made for pumping it. In prosecuting the sinking of No. 3 pit, feeders of firedamp were opened about 30 fathoms from the surface. These feeders have continued to give off gas, more or less, from the time they were first opened. Firedamp also escaped by the bore-hole referred to, if at any time it got choked or the water did not run off freely.

The ventilation was maintained in the ordinary way by a midwall,which at the time of the accident reached to within 22 feet of the bottom of the shaft, and a current of air, beyond the natural ventilation, was produced by the occasional use of a jet of steam placed in the upcast division about seven fathoms from the surface. It appears that from the 8th of July the night shift of men worked with safety lamps, but during the day the workmen could carry on their operations without the aid of lamps.
Blasting operations were carried on without lights, and the shots were fired by applying heated iron rods to the fuse or match. Dynamite was the explosive in use at the time of the accident.
The work was carried on by three shifts of men in the 24 hours, and five men were engaged on each shift. On the day of the accident, 20th July, the afternoon shift commenced at two o'clock, and up to the time of the accident, about six p.m., they had prepared six bore-holes and were making preparations to blast. Two of their number had gone to the surface and by arrangement sent down in the return kettle two hot irons to be used for igniting the fuse attached to each shot. The kettle was lowered properly, and the usual signal was afterwards given from below that they were ready to blast. The engineman acknowledged the signal, and in a few seconds after an explosion took place, which cleared out the midwall in the shaft, and carried away part of the pit-head frame and other woodwork near to the mouth of the pit. The displacement of the midwall, part of which kept the "barring'' in its place, was followed in less than two hours after by the surface forcing in the "barring," and a mass of earth, &c., probably from 3,000 to 4,000 cubic feet, fell down the shaft, completing the wreck and thoroughly shutting off all communication. As explained, previous to the accident the water passed from the sinking shaft by the bore-hole, but after the accident the bore-hole was closed and machinery had to be erected to pump it. To do this and secure the shaft occupied a considerable time.
After access was got to the bottom and the bodies recovered, it was found that of the shot-holes, six in number, which were prepared, three had been exploded, two had been ignited at the fuse, not exploded, and one remained entire, the fuse still showing that it had not been lighted.
This unfortunate occurrence appears to have been occasioned by a small accumulation of gas near the bottom of the shaft; and, as it is understood there were no lights in it at the time, the direct cause of explosion is limited either to the ignition of the fuse or the flame from the blast. There is good reason for supposing that none of the shots were exploded till after the accident, therefore the assumption is that the ignition of the fuse caused the explosion of firedamp. I do not suppose that the gas existed in an explosive state from the bottom up, but rather that a little firedamp passing off at the bore-hole was ignited by a fuse, the flame from which extended to the feeders about five fathoms up.
By general rule No. 8 of the statute after inflammable gas has been found, and for three months after by sub-section 1, it is provided that "A competent person who shall be appointed for the purpose shall, immediately before firing the shot, examine the place where it is to be used, and the places contiguous thereto, and shall not allow the shot to be fired unless he finds it safe to do so, and a shot shall not be fired except by or under the direction of a competent person who shall be appointed for that purpose."
The precautions provided by this important regulation do not appear to have been observed fully in this case.
Newspaper Report - Dunbartonshire accidents
James HarperSinker31
Edward GriffinSinker26
1878July23GarriongillCambusnethan, LKSColtness Iron Co.Daniel ScottDriver17Falls of RoofOn drawing road. He knocked out some gears with his empty tub while taking it down a brae. Stoop and room 
1878July25Leadhills, Lead mineLeadhills, LKSLeadhills Silver Lead Mining and Smelting CoJohn MoffatSinker42  Fell down shaft. He attempted to step off a ladder into the kettle to ascend, and missed his footing 
1878July25LumphinnansBallingry, FIFLumphinnans Iron CoJames HannahBrusher38Falls of RoofWhile clearing the road-head of “brushing” 
1878August5Britton PitCoatbridge, LKSW S DixonAndrew AndersonPumper60In ShaftsBy being drawn to the pit-head pulleys from which he leapt and fell into pit

From Main body of report: Happened when 3 workmen were about to be lowered to their work.  After going on to the cage in the usual way, it appears that instead of being lowered they were raised to the pulleys, when in some way the cage was stopped, either by the engineman discovering his mistake and checking it, or by the resistance of the crossbars on which the pulleys rested.  The deceased, who, I understand, was more alarmed than his companions, on finding the cage being raised, leapt off it on to the plates at the pit mouth, from which he fell into the shaft, and was killed; but those who were with him remained on the cage, and ultimately succeeded in getting off safely.  The engineman was charged by the Procurator Fiscal with culpable neglect of duty, was tried by the Sheriff Substitute in Airdrie and a jury, found guilty, and fined twenty pounds, failing payment, imprisonment.
1878August5HillDalserf, LKSJames Smith & SonThomas WalkerCollier--Falls of RoofWhile drawing props from a stoop which was worked off 
1878August5MillburnDalserf, LKSN Cochrane & CoJohn McKeeCollier17Falls of sidesAt face while holing after the coal was “shorn”. Stoop and room 
1878August6SouterhouseCoatbridge, LKSPettigrew & SpencerKennedy MoffatStoker15Above GroundWas run over by a full waggon while interfering improperly with it 
1878August15Gauchalland No 4GalstonGauchalland Coal CoJohn McGheeCollier50Fall of Roof & SidesFall of coal 
1878August19East BenharWhitburn, LinlithgowBenhar Coal Co LtdMargaret GrayPit-head runner18Miscellaneous on surfaceCrushed by cage. She was examining the struts, unknown to the engineman when the cage came down upon her head 
1878August22GilmilnscroftAuchinleckGilmour, Wood & AndersonJames BaxterCollier50Explosions of fire-dampExplosion of fire damp.

From Main body of report: Occasioned by the deceased entering, inadvertently, a part of the mine not at the time in course of working or extension, and igniting some firedamp which had collected in it. The injuries he received were thought to be slight, but he died from the effects a few days after.

The Procurator Fiscal charged the fireman in this case with failing to observe the 4th general rule, the observance of which was binding upon him by special rule No. 38. The .case was tried before the Sheriff' Substitute in Ayr, when the charge was found not proven.
1878August22HawhillBailliestonPettigrew & SpencerAlex. RobertsonBottomer62In ShaftsBy the cage being lifted unexpectedly Newspaper Report - Old Monkland pages
1878August26StependsShotts, LKSSummerlee Iron CoJohn QuailsSinker33In Ironstone minesStruck by a plank falling down shaft in a sinking pit 
1878August30GreenfieldHamilton, LKSHamilton Coal Co.John GreenhornBogie-rider18On inclined planesFell off bogie and was run over by tubs 
1878September4Bonnyton, No 6KilmarnockJohn Gilmour & CoAndrew GuthrieBottomer44 In ShaftsFell down the shaft

From Main body of report: Occurred at a mid-working, the victim being a bottomer, who at the time was engaged pushing a hutch of coals towards the shaft, for the purpose of putting it on the cage ; in some way he failed to observe that the cage was not in its place to receive it, and the consequence was that the hutch fell down the shaft, he falling with it, a distance of 12 fathoms. There was a door close to the side of the shaft, which the deceased required to open before he could get to the cage, and in opening it he ought to have seen whether the cage was in its place before pushing the hutch forward. This apparently he neglected to do.

Certain simple contrivances have been introduced for the prevention of such accidents, the most effective of which when closed acts as a scaffold, and when open as a fence.
1878September5LochgellyAuchterderran, FIFLochgelly Iron & Coal CoDaniel HunterCollier--Falls of RoofAt face. Long wall 
1878September5Magazine, Limestone MinePathhead, EdinburghWm Turnbull & CoWm. BainMiner--Fall of Roof & SidesFall of rock 
1878September6Souterhouse No 2Coatbridge, LKSPettigrew & SpencerWm. McAlindenCollier22Fall of Roof & SidesFall of coal 
1878September7Corby Craigs No 2DalmellingtonDalmellington Iron CoJohn MaloneSinker33In ironstone/fire clay minesFell from scaffold which was knocked out from under him by a buntin whilst being drawn up the shaft

From Main body of report:
Happened to a sinker whilst engaged upon a scaffold about eight fathoms from the bottom of the shaft, through gross mismanagement, in attempting to ungear a crane whilst in motion.
1878September9LochgellyAuchterderran, FIFLochgelly Iron & Coal CoDavid WestwaterCollier51Falls of RoofOn incline at junction of his road. Long wall 
1878September14FerniegareHamilton, LKSArchd. RussellJames HamiltonCollier62Falls of sidesAt face while relieving the coal after a shot. Stoop and room 
1878September19FarmeRutherglenJames FairrieDavid AndersonCollier52Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1878September26North MotherwellDalzell, LKSMerry & CunninghamJohn SanachenCollier--Falls of sidesAt “stooping” while filling his hutch a stone from the waste side fell off upon him 
1878October2StevenstonBothwell, LKSLesmahagow & Longlee Coal CoDavid AndersonCollier20Falls of RoofAt “stooping” while holing. 
1878October5AuchlochanLesmahagow, LKSColin Dunlop & CoWilliam BrownCoupler13In shafts – whilst ascending or descending by machineryFell out of cage while ascending shaft 
1878October7HaughheadHamilton, LKSJohn MacdonaldCharles HawkinsCollier35Falls of RoofAt “stooping” while pinching off a piece of coal 
1878October11LassodieBeath, FIFLassodie Coal CoRobert BowerBrusher32Falls of RoofAt face of brushing 
1878October12GreenheadCambusnethan, LKSColtness Iron Co.William BrownCollier39Falls of RoofAt “stooping” while drawing props from a stoop which was worked away 
1878October12MaidenbankMuirkirkEg. Iron CoRobt. McCallCollier39Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1878October14HattonriggBothwell, LKSMossend Iron CoWilliam SneddonStone miner--Sundries undergroundMen were working at both sides of a faults and had all but effected a communication. A shot from the opposite side blew through and the stones struck him 
1878October25AllantonHamilton, LKSAustine & CoThomas ParkerCollier--Falls of sidesAt “stooping” while taking away his loaded tub of coal 
1878November1East PleanBannockburnPaterson & ThomsonThos. MorrisonAssistant pit head man21Above GroundCrushed by grinding machinery 
1878November6Over DalserfDalserf, LKSWm Barr and SonsJohn DollanCollier40Falls of RoofAt “stooping” while drawing props from a lift which was worked off 
1878November7Burnbank & LadytonGalstonBoyd Gilmour & CoAllen RoxburghCollier17Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1878November9WellshotCambuslangDunn BrothersLawson CrichtonCollier50In ShaftsWas struck by a crane rope falling down the shaft 
1878November13NiddrieLiberton, EdinburghBenhar Coal Co LtdJames BrownCollier35Sundries undergroundBuried in old waste. The seam lies at an angle of 80 degrees. He had holed into an old working and while stepping on some loose rubbish in it, it slipped away from him 
1878November15AuldhouseburnMuirkirkJ C SimpsonJohn GemmellCollier40Fall of Roof & SidesFall of coal 
1878November19KeltyBeath, FIFFife Coal Co LtdEben. ForresterBrusher39Falls of RoofOn incline while rebrushing it. Long wall Newspaper report - Beath pages
1878November20Flemington No 1CambuslangFlemington Coal CoMatthew RobertsonCollier35Fall of Roof & SidesFall of coal 
1878November21EastfieldCambuslangT G BuchananRobert TennantCollier63Miscellaneous UndergroundWhilst blasting 
1878November23Jellieston No 2DalmellingtonDalmellington Iron CoRobert BurgesCollier63Miscellaneous UndergroundRun over by hutch upon an incline 
1878November27PenicuikPenicuik, EdinburghShotts Iron CoJames FairgrieveMiner--In Ironstone minesFall of ironstone at face. Long wall 
1878December2HaughheadHamilton, LKSJohn MacdonaldJohn McIvorBlacksmith57In shafts – things falling from surfaceStruck by a stone or coal while stepping on to the cage. Died 13th DecemberNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1878December4ClippinsPaisleyClippins Oil CoWilliam Dodds“runner”22In ironstone/fire clay minesFell from a scaffold to the surface 
1878December6Govan No 6GlasgowW S DixonFrancis FoxBrusher43Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1878December6MaidenbankMuirkirkEg. Iron CoThomas BairdCollier40Fall of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1878December9DunsystonShotts, LKSSummerlee Iron CoJames NelsonMiner46In Ironstone minesStruck by a splinter of ironstone flying off face. 
1878December16Bellfield No 1HurlfordBellfield Colliery CoJames McNeilpitheadman33In ShaftsBy cage holding in the shaft and afterwards falling awayNewspaper Report
NB Name should be McMail. Son James aged 11 also killed
1878December18ClelandBothwell, LKSWm Dixon LtdJohn BoyleLabourer50In shafts – falling into shaft from surfaceFell down shaft with a loaded hutch. He had opened the gate but failed to see that the gate was not thereNewspaper report- Bothwell pages
1878December24Drumpeller, No 5Coatbridge, LKSDrumpellar Coal CoJohn FerriesCollier25Fall of Roof & SidesFall of coal 
1878December24DrumshangieNew Monkland, LKSDrumshangie Coal CoRobt. SwanCollier27Falls of RoofAt face. Long wall 
1878December26LodgeSlamannan, STIJohn WatsonJas AndersonCollier45In shafts – miscellaneousCrushed by cage. He recklessly attempted to pass with a hutch across the cage after he signal had been made to lift it 
1878December27Muirhouse No 2BeithM CunninghamJas. McKendrickDrawer12In ironstone/fire clay minesBy hutches 
1878December30ClydesdaleCambusnethan, LKSArchd. RussellRobert GillonOversman--Explosion of FiredampFrom Main body of report: There was one fatal explosion of fire-damp, which caused the death of two persons, an overman and a fireman. These two men had gone into a part of the workings, which had been standing for twelve months, to measure some rails, and had taken both safety lamps and naked lights with them. They were longer away than was expected, and the attention of the other overman was directed to the matter. He got assistance, went in, and found them both lying dead. There had been a slight explosion of gas within 50 yards of the face. It is difficult to conceive anything more stupid than the conduct of these men, who were not common workmen, but officials, in going into a disused working and using open lights. Newspaper report - Cambusnethan pages
Alex. McMurdoFireman--
1878December31BalquhatstoneSlamannan, STIJohn WatsonWilliam Rentonscreenman19Miscellaneous on surfaceCrushed between wagons at the screens 
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