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1876 Deaths listed in Mine Inspectors Report
This table is compiled from appendices to the reports of the Inspector of Mines and Collieries - William Alexander for the Western District and Ralph Moore for the Eastern District of Scotland.
Additional details from the main body of the report are given where available. Many accidents are not listed in these reports and additional names have been added from newspaper reports and other sources - information not sourced from the mine inspectors reports is indicated by a shaded gray background
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Year MonthDayCollieryLocationOwnerNameOccupationAgeCategoryCauseExtra Details
1876January6Wellwood No 1MuirkirkEglinton Iron CoJames GormanCollier--Falls of coal & roofFall of roof. Injured 29th December; died 6th January 1876 
1876January8ClackmannanClackmannanClackmannan Coal Co.Francis LoveCollier17Falls of RoofAt face. Long wall 
1876 January 8       Hugh Smith         see 1875 Report (13 January 1875)
1876January10FordellDalgety, FIFGWM HendersonDavid CookDriver15Underground- by tubs and tramsOn horse road. He neglected to put in “sprags” and was crushed against the side of the road 
1876January10LawCarluke, LKSJohn WilsonTelfer GilroyCollier25Falls of RoofAt “stoops” while drawing props 
1876January13RaithAuchtertool, FIFLochgelly Iron & Coal CoThomas PageCollier20In shafts – falling from part way downAfter landing at a midworking he took a wrong turn and stepped into the pit after the cage had left Newspaper report - Beath accidents
1876January13TownhillDunfermline, FIFTownhill Coal CoDavid DrylieCollier25In shafts – falling from part way downWhile attempting to cross the open shaft on a “bunton” at a mid-working he slipped his footing 
1876January14NewbattleNewbattle, EdinburghMarquis of LothianPhilip MulvayIncline-man17Underground- by tubs and tramsCrushed by tubs at bottom of engine-plane 
1876January20Lanemark, No 1New CumnockLanemark Coal CoAlex. ThomsonDrawer17In shaftsFell down the pit, no one could explain how 
1876January29Common No 12LugarEglinton Iron CoJas McLundiePitheadman20In shaftsWas struck by the descending cage t the surface, whilst looking down the shaft 
1876January31Carmyle PitTollcrossJas Dunlop & CoDanl. McIlvieBottomer63In shaftsWas struck by a descending cage at the pit bottom 
1876February2GlenduffhillBailliestonR BrandJohn WardCollier18Falls of coal & roofFall of roof at face 
1876February2SwineridgemuirBeithMerry & CunninghamJames NeilCollier45Falls of coal & roofFall of roof whilst engaged securing it 
Blackley WoodsBoy--
1876February3HaywoodCarnwarth, LKSHaywood Gas Coal CoJames TweediePitheadman's assistant16In shafts – falling into shaft from surfaceIt is supposed he had opened the gates at the low platform, and was struck by the cage while looking down the shaft 
1876February7ArmadaleBathgate, LinlithgowUphall Oil Co. Ltd.George WilsonCollier50Falls of RoofAt “stoops”. 
1876February9PyothallUphall, LinlithgowRobert BellDavid BeveridgePitheadman50In shafts – falling into shaft from surfaceHe neglected to shut the door after taking off a tub, and on returning with the “empty” the cage was away and he ran it into the shaft 
1876February14HaughheadHamilton, LKSMerry & CunninghameThomas TwaddleRoadsman37Falls of RoofOn engineplane, while renewing the timberingNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
John McIvorChainman22
1876February15BlantyreBlantyre, LKSWm Dixon LtdJames CarrolWagon shifter50On surface- miscellaneousJammed between wagons while shifting themNewspaper report - Blantyre pages
1876February15AshgillDalserf, LKSAndrew SpencerRobt. RaeCollier54Falls of CoalAt “stoops” He incautiously took away coal which was intended to be leftNewspaper report - Dalserf pages
1876February16Braehead No 5BailliestonDunn BrothersHenry HunterCollier35Falls of coal & roofFall of coal whilst engaged taking it out “stooping”Newspaper report
Thomas BatesCollier39
1876February19Cadder No 2BishopbriggsCarron Iron CoWilliam ThornMiner18Ironstone minesWhile blasting. It is supposed that the shot had “hung fire”Newspaper report
John GeorgeMiner19
1876February25Cavenhill No 5AirdrieWm Baird & CoAnd. AirlieCollier18ExplosionsExplosion of firedamp on the 17th; died on the 25th

From Main body of report: Occasioned by the fireman failing to observe the 35th special rule of the colliery which, with other things, provides that, "In case firedamp or other impure air shall be discovered in any working place, road, or level, the fireman shall, in the first instance, thoroughly clear the same of such impurity, if that can be done easily ; and shall thereupon report to the miners and other workmen that the same are safe ; but if the impurity cannot be readily or at once cleared out, the miners and workmen shall not be permitted to enter any such working places, roads, or levels, until the impure air shall have been by farther appliances entirely dispelled." Firedamp had been discovered in the deceased's working place, still they were allowed to proceed in to it, though apparently under some direction from the fireman, because they were in the act of "waffing" out the gas when it exploded upon their lights, placed, as they supposed, at a safe distance from it. It is doubtful whether the particulars of this accident were fully ascertained. The explosion was reported as not serious, but the sufferers, who were brothers, died eight days after from the effects of their injuries. Had they lived, and been able to give certain explanations, the evidence obtained would have been more satisfactory.

The fireman was aware that firedamp existed in the place, he stated that he reported to the workmen to that effect, and no doubt his report was duly recorded in the book kept for that purpose, but the question remains, why were the deceased allowed to proceed to their work? My impression is that they were cautioned as to "fire'' and probably instructed to "waff" it out before entering to their work. If so, this was altogether contrary to the established rule of the work.
Thos AirlieCollier20
1876February25ArnistonNewbattle, EdinburghArniston Coal Co. LtdJohn DarlingCollier52Falls of RoofAt face. Long wall 
1876February26Newton No 2CambuslangJas Dunlop & CoWilliam KittensEngineman24Above GroundGot entangled with the machinery whilst in motion. Injured on the 19th; died on the 26th 
1876February28FoulfordAuchtertool, FIFLochgelly Iron & Coal CoPeter WattJoiner43In shafts – falling into shaft from surfaceFell of the cage while loading it with a chain 
1876February29Ibrox No 1GovanW S DixonJas. GallacherRoadsman19Ironstone minesFall of roof whilst securing it 
1876March3LoanheadLasswade, EdinburghShotts Iron CoMatthew BrownMiner--In Ironstone minesCrushed by carriage on incline while passing from one room to another 
1876March3NewlandsBothwell, LKSDunn BrothersWm GemmellCollier25Falls of RoofOn drawing road. Stoop and room 
1876March9HaywoodCarnwarth, LKSHaywood Gas Coal CoAllan CookIncline breaksman14Underground- on inclined planesA full hutch he was holding back, while the incline hook was being attached, run over him 
1876March13Bishop BriggsBishopbriggsW S DixonPatrick McGeachypitheadman50Ironstone minesFell down the shaft whilst engaged taking off a barrel of water 
1876March13PenstoneGladsmuir, HaddingtonDeans and MooreWm ChalmersBrusher60Falls of RoofOn drawing road, while “brushing” it. Long wall. 
1876March16Rosehall No 3CoatbridgeR Addie & SonsHenry TippenBrusher45ExplosionsExplosion of firedamp on the 9th; died on the 16th

From Main body of report:
Occasioned by great incaution on the part of the fireman. On the night of the accident, he and the deceased, who was a roadsman, had been employed clearing a "fall" in the "Pietshaw" seam close to the face. After finishing, they proceeded along the face, the fireman carrying an open light in addition to his safety lamp, when they reached another fall of roof, and in passing over it ignited some gas in a high part of the roof, by which they were both burned.

Newspaper report

1876March20Old FarmeRutherglenJames FerrieWilliam DuncanCollier36Falls of coal & roofFall of roof 
1876March21StravenhouseCarluke, LKSJames ThorntonGeorge WilsonCollier26On surface- miscellaneousCrushed by fall of pithead pulleys

From Main body of report:
4 persons were killed and 5 injured by the fracture of one of the cross beams of a pithead frame. The morning was very frosty and two men were on the cage stripping ice off the sides of the shaft, when all at once one of the cross beams broke, and it and the pulleys fell to the ground. They landed where, by chance, a number of the men had collected waiting on the two men coming up to allow them to descend to their work. Had they been sitting 20 feet from the spot not one of them would have been injured. The cage with the men upon it fell about 30 feet, but the rope did not break and the men were not injured. The beam which broke was of pitch pine, 14 inches by 12, and was supported at points 14 1/2 feet apart. It had not been more than three years in use. Probably it had got some strain although it could not be made out. It was altogether an unusual accident.

Newspaper report

James NelsonCollier19
John NelsonCollier24
John AitchisonCollier24
1876March29AllanshawHamilton, LKSJohn Sneddon & CoJames PatersonSinker38In shafts – ropes & chains breakingIn sinking pit. The “spring dog” attached to the east end of the rope broke, and the kettle fell from the surface upon him.Newspaper report - Hamilton pages
1876April6CowdenbeathBeath, FIFCowdenbeath Coal Co.William GoldBrusher19Falls of CoalAt face, while putting in a building. Long Wall 
1876April7CroftheadShotts, LKSColtness Iron Co.Peter FordyceBottomer14In Ironstone minesStruck by a piece of ironstone falling down shaftNewspaper report
1876April11WhiteriggNew Monkland, LKSWm Black & sonsAndrew LaingBrusher47Falls of RoofOn drawing road, while “brushing” it. Long wall. 
1876April13GreenfieldHamilton, LKSHamilton Coal Co.John StevensonCollier42Falls of CoalAt “stoops”. He was “holing” and had 10ft standing without sprags. He intended to blast it. 
1876April15ThrashbushNew Monkland, LKSThrashbush Coal CoWm BeveridgeCollier14Falls of RoofAt “stoops”.Newspaper report
1876April20TownhillDunfermline, FIFTownhill Coal CoJohn TaylorSinker21In shafts – miscellaneousFell off hanging scaffold in sinking it 
1876April22MaidenbankMuirkirkEglinton Iron CoDaniel FergusonCollier37Falls of coal & roofFall of coal 
1876April25Craigmark No 1DalmellingtonDalmellington Iron CoJames BarbourBoy13MiscellaneousWas run over by a hutch upon drawing road 
1876April26Wellwood No 1MuirkirkEglinton Iron CoWm MoffatDrawer45Falls of coal & roofFall of roof 
1876April26Gauchalland No 2GalstonGauchalland Coal CoWm LorimerBoy12Falls of coal & roofFall of roof 
1876May2Bantone No 2DennyCarron Iron CoDavid ProvanRoadsman23Ironstone minesWas struck by a chain upon a scaffold in the shaft, and from which he fell to the bottom 36 fathoms 
1876May16NewmainsCambusnethan, LKSColtness Iron Co.James WeirCollier20Falls of CoalAt face. Stoop and room 
1876May20ArnistonCockpen, EdinburghArniston Coal Co. LtdJames MillarCollier26Falls of RoofAt face. Long wall 
1876May22DalzellowlieMayboleJames CouparDavid BrydenOversman45Falls of coal & roofFall of roof 
1876June1GreenheadCambusnethan, LKSColtness Iron Co.John PirieCollier29Falls of CoalAt “stoops” (head coal) 
1876June12Stepends No 1CumnockEglinton Iron CoMic. McDermaidBottomer40Ironstone minesWas struck by a stone which fell down the shaft 
1876June19GreenheadCambusnethan, LKSColtness Iron Co.James MartinCollier65Falls of RoofAt “stoops”.Newspaper report - Cambusnethan pages
1876June23RawyardsNew Monkland, LKSJ Robertson & SonWilliam WelshCollier50Falls of RoofAt face. Long wall 
1876June28Raw No 3CoatbridgeWm Baird & CoFrancis BellCollier35Falls of coal & roofFall of roof 
1876July7NiddrieLiberton, EdinburghBenhar Coal Co LtdAndrew InnesSinker41In shafts – things falling from surfaceStruck by plank which fell down pit 
1876July10DonibristleAberdour, FIFGrieve & NasmythJames DownieDrawer14Falls of RoofOn drawing road. Stoop and room (coal roof) 
1876July14CairntableMuirkirkCairntable Gas Coal CoThos SampsonCollier32Falls of coal & roofFall of roof. Injured 22nd June; died 14th July 
1876July24AllanshawHamilton, LKSJ Sneddon & CoDavid DunnSinker35In shafts – falling into shaft from surfaceFell off a “bunton”. Sinking pit.Newspaper report - Hamilton pages
1876August1WellwoodDunfermline, FIFThos. Spowart & CoCatherine MartinPithead worker20On surface- miscellaneousCrushed between two loaded wagons 
1876August26FerniegareHamilton, LKSArchd. RussellAlexander RossCollier22Falls of RoofAt “stoops”. 
1876August26ArnistonCockpen, EdinburghArniston Coal Co. LtdRobert LennieCollier44Falls of CoalAt face. Stoop and room 
1876August28Cambuslang No 2CambuslangFlemington Coal CoJohn PrimroseHammerman47Above GroundBoiler explosion. Injured 21st; died 28th August

From Main body of report:
By the explosion of a boiler at a pit used only for pumping water, one life was lost; and it is perhaps just, to the owners of mines, to state that this is only the second fatal boiler explosion which has taken place amongst the collieries of this district for the last 21 years, the loss of life in each case being one. Practically speaking, I am not aware that there is any satisfactory way of arriving at a knowledge of when a boiler through age alone becomes unfit for use, unless by careful experiment. With renewal, care, the use of pure water and otherwise, it is obvious that a boiler may under good management be kept a long time at work. The boiler in question, was one of three used to supply steam to the pumping engine, and had been in use for 30 years or thereby. It had been mended, and of course must have been overhauled frequently during that time, and I understand that tradesmen had been repairing it a few months before the accident happened, but though known to be leaky, it does not appear that the management considered it unsafe. Since the explosion new boilers have been erected.
1876August30BraidwoodCarluke, LKSGlasgow Iron CoThomas MitchellMiner35In Ironstone minesFall at side of face. Long wall 
1876August30Mainhill No 2BailliestonWm Baird & CoWm StevensonManager30ExplosionsExplosion of firedamp.

From Main body of report:
Happened at a new colliery to two of the officials, the manager and his assistant, and it is difficult to conceive a more glaring case of thoughtlessness and indiscretion. On descending they went straight into a mine, the ventilation of which had been entirely cut off by the assistant's own direction, and in consequence of their having with them open lights a quantity of gas was ignited, by which they were severely burned, and both died from the effects thereof.
Newspaper Report - Old Monkland pages
John ClarksonContractor29
1876September1ArnistonCockpen, EdinburghArniston Coal Co. LtdWm FalconerSinker55In shafts – miscellaneousIn a sinking shaft. A fall of earth which was being bricked carried away the scaffold on which he stood 
1876September1MaryvilleBothwell, LKSJohn HendrieWm MuirheadCollier25Explosion of Firedamp

Holed on a place containing gas, which ignited at his naked light
From Main body of report: A fatal explosion of fire-damp at Uddingston Colliery led to the loss of two lives, one of whom was suffocated by choke-damp while endeavouring to rescue the other. A miner had holed on a disused place which had contained a small quantity of gas, it ignited at his naked light and he was killed by the explosion. The men who were working 20 yards from him saw no flame nor were their lights blown out. They felt the wind which it raised and made for the shaft. It was found that the deceased was missing, and some of the workmen volunteered to search for him and made two unsuccessful attempts. At the third attempt the volunteer deceased was there, and before they had reached as far as on the previous attempts he fell overcome with the after damp. A party then went by another road following the air current, and about half an hour afterwards both bodies were found. I thought at the time that the overman might have known the situation of the waste which the miner holed upon, and especially that he might have seen that the after damp was being carried by the current into the place where the volunteer fell. NB Actually 19 September 1876 Newspaper report- Bothwell pages
Robt. WyperCollier22Suffocated while endeavouring to reach above
1876September2NiddrieLiberton, EdinburghBenhar Coal Co LtdAndrew HailstonesCollier40Underground- sundriesHe failed to get away from a “shot” 
1876September2GreenfootNew Monkland, LKSJohn Baird------Drawer--In fire-clay minesFall of roof at face. 
1876September6OrchardCarluke, LKSThomas BarrJohn Mackstonpitheadman30In shafts – falling into shaft from surfaceHe ran an empty tub into the shaft when the cage was not there. He had left the gate openNewspaper report - Lanarkshire accidents
1876September6CarfinBothwell, LKSA.G. SimpsonDaniel HillanCollier41Falls of RoofAt face, while putting up a prop to the stone. Long wall 
1876September15AshgillDalserf, LKSAndrew SpencerRobt. RaeCollier54Falls of CoalAt “stoops” He incautiously took away coal which was intended to be left 
1876September16DrumclairSlamannan, STIJames Nimmo & CoJohn CowanCollier16Falls of RoofAt face. Long wall 
Felix O'HareCollier20
1876September18LochgellyAuchterderran, FIFLochgelly Iron & Coal CoThomas GairDrawer14In Ironstone minesSupposed to have fallen off ladder while descending a small shaft. The pit was 42 feet deep. There were three 15 feet ladders,and the first and second were found lying at the bottom of the shaft.Newspaper report - Auchterderran pages
1876September19CarronhallBothkennor, STICarron CoRobt. McLuckieOversman53On surface- by machineryCrushed by fly wheel of pumping engine. It was fenced 
1876September23ArnistonCockpen, EdinburghArniston Coal Co. LtdJames WilsonCollier--Falls of CoalAt face. 
1876September26Burnt BroomTollcrossDunn BrothersPatrick CorkinCollier24Falls of coal & roofFall of roof 
1876September26CowdenbeathBeath, FIFCowdenbeath Coal Co.Thos. ErskineCollier47Falls of CoalAt face. Long wallNewspaper report - Beath accidents
1876September28Govan No 3GlasgowW S DixonChas KeanBrusher50Falls of coal & roofFall of roof 
1876September30FordellDalgety, FIFGWM HendersonEllen CookPithead worker--On surface- boilers burstingSee report

From Main body of report:
The accident was the bursting of a steam boiler. Unfortunately seven girls were sheltering themselves at the fire doors at the time, and they were injured with the flying bricks. The engineman and 4 of the girls were killed, and five other persons injured. Had the girls been at work more of them would have escaped. The boiler was one of a range of three which supplied steam to a pumping engine, and also a winding engine; it was of the ordinary egg-shape, 25 feet long, 6 feet diameter, and had been working at a pressure of 30lbs on the square inch for upwards of 23 years. It was furnished with all the fittings required by the statute and there was nothing to indicate weakness or that it had too little water in it. In addition to the examination made by myself, the Procurator Fiscal had two engineers, and these gentlemen made a careful examination and drew up an exhaustive report, but the Lord Advocate did not see fit to take proceedings against any one, and I do not see how he could. I am inclined to think that colliery steam boilers of this type should not be used for more than 10 or 15 years; they are often fed with impure water, perhaps often short of water, and may get harder usage than the manager or owner can be aware of. The owner removed the other two boilers. He has since insured his boilers with one of the insurance companies. These companies require a certain uniformity of practice in fittings and strengths, and undertake, for so much per annum, to send practical boiler makers to examine the boilers and give directions as to repairs. I think they do much good.

Newspaper reports - Fordell 1876

Isabel HarrowerPithead worker--
Andrew ArnotEngineman40
Isabel PhilpPithead worker--
Catherine PenmanPithead worker--
1876October4CanobieCanobieDuke of BuccleuchJohn WalkerLabourer18Above GroundWas run over upon an incline when attempting to get off a “bogie”or carriage in motion 
1876October5Aikenhea No 1GlasgowGeo CrookstoneDavid McNeilCollier25Falls of coal & roofFall of roof at face 
1876October20MauldslieCarluke, LKSJ Waddell & SonJames MacdonaldIncline bottomer20Underground- on inclined planesRun over on engine-plane. It was supposed he had fallen off the tubs while riding up between them 
1876October20NiddrieLiberton, EdinburghBenhar Coal Co LtdWilliam EcclesSinker29In shafts – things falling from part way downStruck by a piece of timber falling off the side of shaft while he was descending. Sinking pit. 
1876October23Abercorn No 4PaisleyMerry & CunninghamSaml. AllisonCollier45Falls of coal & roofFall of roof at face 
1876October23MorningsideCambusnethan, LKSShotts Iron CoThomas HigginsCollier33Falls of RoofAt face. Stoop and room 
1876October23Orchard & GiffnockPollockshawsBaird & StevensonWilliam HattonQuarrier25Metalliferous minesWhilst stemming a shot

From Main body of report:
The cause of accident was an explosion of gunpowder, which occurred whilst the deceased and his companion were engaged stemming a shot. In this case there was a wilful violation of the statute, on the part of both manager and workmen, in so far as an iron stemmer was used and allowed, contrary to the second general rule.
1876October24CarronhallBothkennor, STICarron CoDavid WillsonCollier43Falls of RoofAt face. Long wall 
1876October25GilmertonLiberton, EdinburghGlasgow Iron CoWm BaxterCollier28Underground- on inclined planesThe carriage was drawn away while he was adjusting his tub upon it. Mistake of signals 
1876October28Drongan No 3AyrMerry & CunninghamIvie MorrisonSinker24In shaftsFell from the kettle while ascending, by his head coming in contact, at 15 fathoms up, with the bottom of the midwall 
1876October30Burgh No 2IrvineJas Patterson & CoAlex. ReidAssistant fireman34ExplosionsExplosion of firedamp whilst making the morning examination

From Main body of report:
Took place in the morning when the firemen, who were brothers, were engaged making an examination of the works. They were both killed, but so far as I could learn at the time, the explosion was occasioned by the injudicious use of mixed lights.
Wm ReidFireman37
1876November3BrunstanePenicuik, EdinburghSir Geo. Clerk, Bart.-----Collier--Falls of CoalAt face. Stoop and room 
1876November3Garrion GillCambusnethan, LKSColtness Iron Co.James MacdonaldCollier15Falls of RoofAt “stoops”. 
1876November9LoanheadLasswade, EdinburghShotts Iron CoPat ClearyHorse grieve65In Ironstone minesThe spur wheel of engine broke and the cage with him on it ran amain to the bottom 
1876November10StonelawRutherglenJ R ReidGeorge McKeeCollier16Falls of coal & roofFall of roof at faceNewspaper report - Lanarkshire accidents
1876November17GarnkirkChrystonGarnkirk Fireclay CoJas McKearneayMiner45Ironstone minesFall of roof at face 
1876November18GreenCambusnethan, LKSGlasgow Iron CoWm StarkCollier30Falls of RoofAt “stoops”. 
1876November22CroftheadShotts, LKSColtness Iron Co.Thomas WatsonMiner24In Ironstone minesFall of roof at face. Long wall 
1876November30Kenmuirhill No 3TollcrossJ Horne & SonsAllan McDougallContractor42In shaftsFell from a midworking, 20 fathoms

From Main body of report:
A bottomer fell from a midworking where the only precaution adopted was a gate, which at the time was open. A safety apparatus is now in use, which cannot be neglected, and it is unnecessary to add that if such an appliance had been in use at the time of the occurrence this unfortunate accident would have been prevented.
1876December2Kirkwood No 2CoatbridgeJohn HendrieJohn FarmanBrusher38Falls of coal & roofFall of roof Newspaper Report - Old Monkland pages
[NB Name actually John Fannan]
1876December6Bothwell CastleBothwell, LKSWm Baird & CoWm McLunnayLabourer30On surface- by machineryHe got entangled in a rope which was passing round a revolving shaft, and was squeezed between it and the shaftNewspaper report- Bothwell pages
1876December12DykeheadHamilton, LKSSummerlee Iron CoJames SweeneyCollier24Falls of RoofAt “stoops” while drawing propsNewspaper report - Dalserf pages
1876December12NiddrieLiberton, EdinburghBenhar Coal Co LtdWm MiddletonIncline-man53Underground- on inclined planesHe stepped onto carriage while in motion and slipped his footing. Died 23rd December 
1876December15ShawfieldCarluke, LKSJohn WilsonJohn DenholmCollier62Falls of RoofAt face. Stoop and room. He drew out some props to take down head coal against orders, and the roof fell along with it. 
1876December15HaywoodCarnwarth, LKSHaywood Gas Coal CoChas McNabCollier23Falls of RoofAt face. Long wall 
1876December16Quarter No 1DennyW Baird & CoJoseph Howiepitheadman53Ironstone minesWas struck by the cage 
1876December18Ardeer (Lucknow)StevenstonArdeer Coal CoJohn HyslopBrusher32Falls of coal & roofFall of roof 
1876December19RoughriggSlamannan, STIRobt. ForresterJames SkinnerCollier51Falls of RoofAt face. Long wall 
1876December21NewlandsBothwell, LKSDunn BrothersPat DonaghueIncline-man45Underground- on inclined planesWhile near the bottom of incline ready to “sprag” the tubs the rope broke and he failed to clear himself 
1876December24LoanheadLasswade, EdinburghShotts Iron CoGeorge CushinePump-man35In Ironstone minesSupposed to have fallen down incline 


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