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1875 Deaths listed in Mine Inspectors Report
This table is compiled from appendices to the reports of the Inspector of Mines and Collieries - William Alexander for the Western District of Scotland and Ralph Moore for the Eastern District of Scotland. Additional details from the main body of the report are given where available. Many accidents are not listed in these reports and additional names have been added from newspaper reports and other sources - information not sourced from the mine inspectors reports is indicated by a shaded gray background
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Year MonthDayName of CollieryWhere situatedOwners namePerson(s) killedOccupationAgeCategory (if given)Cause of death and remarksAdditional Information
1875January6KnightswoodMaryhillSummerlee Iron CoJames WilsonMiner16In Ironstone minesFell from a mid-working 
1875January13DrumpellerCoatbridge, LKSHenderson & DimmackHugh SmithCollier25Falls of Roof & SidesFall of roof. Was injured 13th Jan 1875, and died 8th January 1876 
1875January14BredisholmBothwell, LKSProvanhall Coal CoJames McEwanCollier20Falling from part way downHe pushed a tub into a “blind” pit and fell along with it a depth of 13 fathoms. It was the first day of the pit being used, and the gate had not been put on. Gates have since been put on. 
1875January15Cronberry No 2LugarEglinton Iron CoJames BlairRoadsman42In Ironstone minesFall of roof 
1875January19LucknowStevenstonMerry & CunninghamJohn RossRoadsman29Falls of Roof & SidesFall of roof while engaged securing it 
1875January20LochoreBallingry, FIFLochore & Capledrae Cannel Coal Co LtdWalter SneddonCollier22Falls of RoofAt face. Soft “blaes” roof (Long wall) Newspaper report - Ballingry pages
1875January22Lochknowe Ironstone and Limestone PitLKS James Shaw  Not listedDeath not listed in Inspectors report Newspaper reports - Lanarkshire pages
1875January25StaneriggSlamannan, STIMatt. Hay & SonJohn Gilliespitheadman--Miscellaneous on surfaceRun over by an empty wagon on a branch railway while going from his work 
1875February1WhitehillLasswade, EdinburghArch. HoodThos. HannanSinker31Things falling from part way downA piece of stone fell out of the side of a sinking pit and struck him. The walling was 11 fathoms back 
1875February3Braehead No 5BailliestonDunn BrothersWm ClellandCollier22Falls of Roof & SidesFall of roof at face. 
1875February5Lanemark (Afton)N CumnockLanemark Coal CoWm MayberryCollier30Miscellaneous UndergroundWas run over by his hutch when coming down a heading road in front of it 
1875February8BankendLesmahagow, LKSMonkland Iron & Coal Co LtdRobert BrownEngineman--In Ironstone minesExplosion of boiler of a pumping engine. The boiler was worn out. It exploded some time during Sunday night and no one but deceased was near. It was supposed he had fallen asleep after firing the boiler and allowed the steam to get too high.

From Main body of report:
The boiler supplied steam to a pumping engine at a pit which stood in an isolated position, and out of sight from any houses. The engine did not require to go continuously. Deceased was the engineman; he commenced work at 6 a.m.. on Sunday morning, and was standing his "long shift." No one was near him or had seen him from that time until about 4 o'clock on the following morning (Monday), when his body was found in the engine house, and the boiler exploded. It was conjectured that deceased had fallen asleep after firing the boiler, and before he had started the engine after one of its pauses, thus unduly raising the pressure of the steam, and the explosion was the result. The boiler was pressed at about 20 lbs. to the square inch, and had all the appliances required by the statute, but it was at least 10 years old.
1875February8Gartshore, No 6KilsythWm Baird & CoWm SmithSinker50In ShaftsBy running a hutch into the pit and falling with it to the bottom 
1875February10Ellismuir No 2BailliestonProvanhall Coal CoMich. McDonegalTrimmer48Above GroundWas crushed between two loaded waggons while shifting one of them 
1875February10Garrion GillCambusnethan, LKSColtness Iron Co.Stephen KennedyDriver16On inclined planesCrushed between tubs and a prop at the top of an engine plane while detaching rope. He had no duty thereNewspaper report - Cambusnethan pages
1875February10OvertownCambusnethan, LKSJohn WilsonJames MullenCollier25Falls of CoalHe was working off a pillar and a piece of coal fell over upon him. The seam was 9 feet thickNewspaper report - Cambusnethan pages
1875February11WoodsideDalserf, LKSJas Smith & sonsJohn BarrSwitch keeper15On inclined planesCrushed on engine plane. He was found under the tubs. It was supposed he had been riding on the train which was against ordersNewspaper report - Dalserf pages
1875February17Wellwood No 11MuirkirkEglinton Iron CoRobert GeddesBottomer17In Ironstone minesFall of roof 
1875February20RigsideDouglas, LKSJames SwannGeorge GoldCollier30Falls of RoofAt face, caused by a “long wall” break at a “lipe” 
Jas HamiltonCollier20
1875February23CarfinBothwell, LKSWm Dixon LtdJohn McLeanCollier17Falls of RoofIn a “long wall” drawing road 
1875February26Dalharco No 2PatnaDalmellington Iron CoDavid StevensonOversman32Miscellaneous UndergroundSuffocated by gases whilst engaged putting out an underground fire

From Main body of report: About the end of December 1874 an underground fire was discovered, not far from the bottom of the outlet pit. Several attempts were made to put it out, and after a time it was subdued, though not completely extinguished. At this stage it was thought advisable to endeavour to reach the extreme of the fire, and with that view a mine was commenced in the pillar of coal known as "pitbottom stoop." The fire was encountered near to the pit, and kept under control by water led in by a hose from the surface. As the mine advanced the ventilation was maintained by bratticing carried along the centre of it. On the day of the accident a fall of roof occurred about thirty feet from the face, where at the time four men were engaged. This (fall) broke the brattice, deranged the ventilation, and cut off the means of egress. The air which before the accident swept round the front of the brattice, carrying off the noxious gases, now reached no farther than the fall, and the deceased being entirely shut in by the fall were slowly suffocated. Of the four persons who were at work when the fall of roof took place, one was rescued from under the broken roof by a second shift of men, but nearly three hours had elapsed before the others could be reached, when they were found dead. The survivor who had charge of the shift was a thoroughly practical man, and one of the demised was the oversman of the pit.
Newspaper reports - Ayrshire pages
Wm BellCollier37
Francis CunninghameCollier23
1875February26RochsollochNew Monkland, LKSGeo. Cowie & SonThos McGowanBrusher40Falls of RoofHe was taking down the stone which fell upon him (Long wall) 
1875March3Redburn No 2KilwinningEglinton Iron CoJoseph McLarenBrusher30Falls of Roof & SidesFall of roof in a drawing road whilst repairing it 
1875March8Annandale No 9KilmarnockArch. Finnie & SonJames RorisonCollier49Falls of Roof & SidesFall of coal 
1875March11PolkemmetWhitburn, LinlithgowShotts Iron CoThomas WelshMiner52In Ironstone minesFall of roof at face of long wall while holing 
1875March15LawCarluke, LKSJohn WilsonGeorge GordenCollier18Falls of RoofAt face (stoop and room) 
1875March18ThankertonBothwell, LKSMonkland Iron & Coal Co LtdRobt. McGowanWagonman20Miscellaneous on surfaceRun over by a wagon on a branch railwayNewspaper report- Bothwell pages
1875March19Hallhill No 1BailliestonFerrier & StrainRobert GibsonCollier18Falls of Roof & SidesFall of roof at face. 
1875March22NewlandsLanarkshire   Henry Sharp    (not work accident)Death not listed in Inspectors report With thanks to Elizabeth Sharp for supplying the date of this accident - Newspaper reports - Lanarkshire pages
1875March22BlairadamBlairadam, KinrossFife Coal CoD FotheringhamPony driver14Falling into shaft from surfaceHe ran a tub into the shaft when the cage was not there, and there was no self acting fence to stop it 
1875March27Benhar EastWhitburn, LinlithgowBenhar Coal Co LtdThomas GilliesSet rider15On inclined planesHe fell off train and was run over on an engine plane 
1875March27MorningsideCambusnethan, LKSShotts Iron CoJohn GriffithsLabourer60Miscellaneous on surfaceFell down a screen in front of a loaded hutch 
1875March30CarnbroeBothwell, LKSMerry & CunninghamWm MurrieScreenman18Miscellaneous on surfaceRun over by a wagon at screens 
1875April1WellingtonLanarkshire  Andrew Pringle       Death not listed in Inspectors report (not work accident) Newspaper reports - Lanarkshire pages
1875April5ArdenNew Monkland, LKSShotts Iron CoWm JeffreyContractor26In Ironstone minesFall of roof in a stone mine 
1875April11GarthamlockLanarkshire  William Campbell       Death not listed in Inspectors report (not work accident) Newspaper reports - Lanarkshire pages
1875April15Gartshore, No 5KilsythWm Baird & CoWm CruthersRoadsman35Above GroundBy falling off a scaffold at pithead 15ft high 
1875April28Drumpeller No 4Coatbridge, LKSHenderson & DimmackJohn WeirCollier20Explosions of Firedamp. Died 10th MayExplosion of fire damp.

From Main body of report:
Happened in a limited working lately win by a stone mine, and in the act of being opened up. The deceased had worked a day shift and left about midday. On their return in the afternoon they were the only persons in the pit, and after having been engaged for about three hours brushing their roadway, they proceeded to a wall a short distance from their own, and ignited some firedamp which had collected in it from the time of the day workmen leaving, about three hours and a half before. Both were burned, and though not supposed to be dangerously ill, they died from the effects of their injuries two weeks after.The deceased who were engaged in a limited working had left off work on the day of the accident about midday, but returned in the evening (5 o'clock) to "brush" their roadway. Their working place was situated at A on hand sketch, but it appears that they had left it at 8 o'clock and gone into the heading B, to obtain the use of some tools which they knew to be lying there, when their lights ignited a small accumulation of firedamp. They were both burned, and died two weeks after from the effects of the injuries. It appears that the oversman and others had worked with open lights in the heading B on the day of the accident, and had left it only half an hour (at 4.30) before the deceased returned to their work, and I understand were not aware of the presence of firedamp.


And. BlakelyCollier24Explosion of fire damp. Died 2nd May
1875April30Gartshore, No 5KilsythWm Baird & CoRobt. BarrowmanMiner35Explosions of FiredampExplosion of fire damp.

From Main body of report:
The deceased was a miner, and I understand that he had a contract for forming a stone mine to prove the seam of coal to the west of a dislocation not far distant from the shaft. It appears that the contract had expired, and other arrangements had not been made. In consequence of which the mine had been abandoned, or was standing for nine days previous to the accident. On the day of the accident the deceased applied to the oversman for liberty to go into the mine to remove his "graith," or tools, which had been left there when the contract expired. He was referred to the fireman, who would first examine the mine and see that it was safe for persons to enter. The deceased, however, apparently trusting to his previous experience, descended the shaft, and without waiting for the fireman recklessly went into the mine with an open light and ignited some gas which had collected in it. The blast displaced the brattice, deranged the ventilation, and it was two hours after the explosion before the deceased could be relieved, when he was found dead or dying.
1875May3ClackmannanClackmannanClackmannan Coal Co.Caleb BridgemanSinker28Whilst ascending or descendingIn ascending sinking pit from a shot he was caught by the mid-wall and fell to the bottom, a depth of 16 fathoms 
1875May9GreenfieldHamilton, LKSHamilton Coal Co.John StewartDriver13By trams & tubsFell off his tub and was run overNewspaper report - Hamilton pages
1875May10Blair No 8DalryEglinton Iron CoJohn MuskalbySinker55In Ironstone minesWas injured by a plank falling upon him n a sinking shaft 
1875May13Holmes No 4GalstonJohn Horne & SonsJas. McKailEngineman21Above GroundGot entangled with the pumping machinery 
1875May14Picon No 6DalryEglinton Iron CoWm PhillipsMiner60In Ironstone minesFall of roof at working face Newspaper reports - Ayrshire pages
1875May19LawCarluke, LKSJohn WilsonJohn WinningCollier27Falls of CoalHe was working away a pillar when the coal which he was holing and about to blast came over upon him. Newspaper reports - Lanarkshire pages
1875May20Corby Craigs No 5DalmellingtonDalmellington Iron CoWm McGheeDrawer24In Ironstone minesWas run over by his hutch upon a rise road or incline 
1875May24Enterkine No 7AyrGeorge Taylor & CoWm LivingstoneAssistant pithead17Above GroundWas run over by full waggons at the colliery siding or byre 
1875May25Barrwood No 1KilsythWm Baird & CoPeter GairdnerCollier--Explosions of FiredampExplosion of fire damp. Injured on the 17th

From Main body of report:
Took place in one of the ordinary working places, and while the workmen were engaged at their work. Attributable, it would appear, to a fall of roof in the aircourse, which occurred a short time before, the accident, interrupting the air and thus allowing firedamp to collect. The explosion was reported to be slight, but the deceased died from the effects of his injuries eight days after.

The deceased was engaged with others on the day of the accident in one of the ordinary working places of the mine. I understand that a fall of roof took place during the shift, which interrupted the circulation of the air. It is stated that the workmen on the "dip" side of the fall left off work immediately after it happened, and called upon their neighbours, of whom the deceased was one, to leave also. They, however, continued to work, when soon after a slight explosion took place; more than one was injured, but the deceased died a week after from the effects of the injuries.
1875May31LucknowStevenstonMerry & CunninghamMich. DeverickRoadsman41In ShaftsCaused by the cage being lifted without a proper signal 
1875May31SwineridgemuirBeithMerry & CunninghamWm SheddonCollier24Falls of Roof & SidesFall of coal in working place 
1875May31AuchenheathLesmahagow, LKSNitshill & Lesmahagow Coal Co.John PrenticeDrawer--By trams & tubsTub ran away while he was in fron of it, and knocked him against side 
1875June3Ellismuir No 3BailliestonProvanhall Coal CoJames LiddellJoiner50Above GroundIn consequence of the breakage of the fly wheel of the pumping engine, the deceased was strck by part of it whilst engaged on the pithead frame 
1875June4Alloa, HoltonAlloa, CLKAlloa Coal CoAlex. FyfeBottomer33Miscellaneous in shaftHe was found in the bottom of the shaft with the cage resting on his body 
1875June4LoganleaWest Calder, EdinburghLoganlea Coal CoJames Lind (sen)Collier58Falls of CoalThe fall of the piece of coal he was working at knocked out a prop, and the roof (coal) fell upon him (stoop and room) 
1875June7Gadgirth No 1AyrGeorge Taylor & CoWm KerrCollier46Falls of Roof & SidesFall of coal Newspaper reports - Ayrshire pages
1875June8MuircockhallDunfermline, FIFWest of Fife Coal Co-----Collier--Sundries undergroundFailed to get away from a shot Newspaper reports - Fife pages (Newspaper report gives name as Robert Sinclair)
1875June10CarfinBothwell, LKSA.G. SimpsonJohn VallalayDrawer19By trams & tubsCrushed between top of tub and roof on a brae 
1875June11Ballochmyle No 4AuchinleckWm Walkers TrusteesMungo Nimmopitheadman54In ShaftsWas struck with the descending cage whilst looking down the shaft 
1875June15DenendLochgelly, FIFDenend Coal CoRobt. SmithEngineman--Miscellaneous on surfaceFell off the engine beam while screwing a bolt. He landed on some part of the machinery and was injured internally 
1875June28Garturk No 1Coatbridge, LKSRochsoloch Iron CoJohn MauleFireman55Explosions of FiredampExplosion of fire damp.

From Main body of report:
Happened to a night fireman who, after examining the working places with a safety lamp, went incautiously into a mine connected with an old working, where "waste" water was being run off, with his open light and kindled some firedamp, by which he was fatally injured.The deceased was fireman, and acted as foreman brusher, that is, he superintended the brushing during night.

It appears that he went to his work on the morning of the accident about 12.30 a.m., and was accompanied by three of the workmen. As explained by one of them he made the required examination, and afterwards left to shut off water which was occasionally drained off an old "waste." In about ten minutes after his leaving there was an explosion of firedamp, and on search being made the deceased was found at the entrance leading into the old waste, where unquestionably he had encountered firedamp whilst using an open light. The ordinary lamp, which apparently he had been using, was found near to him, but his safety lamp was got at the face of one of the working places about twenty yards farther off. It would appear that after examining the working places the deceased had laid aside his safety lamp, and at the time of the accident was imprudently using an open light. It is difficult to account for such inconsistency, for certainly the place where the accident happened was one where firedamp was more likely to accumulate than in any of the working places.
1875June29Orchard, GiffnockPollokshawsBaird & StevensonJonathan PollandQuarrier38In Metalliferous minesFall of roof 
1875July4PhoenixCoatbridge, LKSJohn SpencerJames LindsayBrusher66Falls of Roof & SidesFall of roof while engaged taking it down. Injured 24th June 
1875July6WilsontownCarnwarth, LKSGavin PaulRobert McKirdyPumper30Falling from part way downWhile foolishly attempting to climb up during night time. He could have gone a nearer way to a stair pit 
1875July7PatherCambusnethan, LKSColtness Iron Co.John McKinnonredsman35Falls of RoofWhile redding across an old road (stoop and room)Newspaper report - Cambusnethan pages
1875July12WellwoodDunfermline, FIFThos Spowart & CoJohn McQueenCollier53Falls of CoalThe coal which he was taking down came over upon him Newspaper reports - Fife pages
1875July14BlacktongueNew Monkland, LKSWm BairdThos CarrickCollier26Falls of CoalAt face of “long wall”. Want of “sprags” 
1875July17Drumpeller No 4Coatbridge, LKSHenderson & DimmackChas RichardsonOversman30Miscellaneous UndergroundSuffocation by gases (fire damp)

From Main body of report: There are two seams of coal at present being worked in this pit, the "Kiltongue" and "Splint." It appears that the working of the "Splint" had been abandoned for three or four days previous to the accident in consequence of an accumulation of gas. The direct cause being some defect in the aircourse, from fall of roof, and also an accumulation of water. The Splint coal is win by a cross-cut mine from the " Kiltongue" seam in which is constructed a midwall of brickwork. It was also being overhauled, and after the necessary repairs had been made it appears that the fireman had gone into the face, where the accumulation of gas was known to exist, to see what effect the alterations had produced, or rather to see if the firedamp was being dislodged. The oversman and others, all provided with safety lamps, remained a distance behind, awaiting his return. After a time the oversman, who was the fireman's brother, went into where it was understood that the fireman had gone, and apparently discovered that something was wrong ; he called out for help, and in attempting to reach his brother was also affected by the vitiated air. Two workmen followed to render assistance, but on reaching a given point they also became helpless. Those remaining on discovering the state of things, four of their number struck down, gave the alarm for assistance, and after repeated attempts one of the four was reached, but before the other three could be got out they were dead. It is hard to comprehend what could induce the fireman to proceed so far into a known body of firedamp, where undoubtedly he was suffocated by the irrespirable gas. The others lost their lives from the same cause in attempting to rescue him.
Newspaper Report - Old Monkland pages
John RichardsonFireman24
Arthur MoffatRoadsman27
1875July19GartnessNew Monkland, LKSGartness Mineral Co LtdDavid WoodheadCollier20Falling from part way downFell through a hole in the scaffold, of which he had got no warning 
1875July30Gartshore, No 10KilsythWm Baird & CoJames HarrisonSinker45In Ironstone minesBy the fall of part of the midwall of the shaft driven out by the kettle in its ascent 
1875July31GalstonGalstonJohn Horne & SonsJohn BigginsCollier58Falls of Roof & SidesFall of coal 
1875August5KippbyreNew Monkland, LKSJames Nimmo & CoAlex. PenderIncline boy18On inclined planesFell off before the wheels and was run over by tubs on an engine plane. He was riding on the train against ordersNewspaper report - New Monkland pages
1875August5RosehallBothwell, LKSRobert Addie & SonsMatthew LindsayCollier51Falls of RoofA piece of stone fell from the roof upon him, which caused the pick he was working with to enter is groin (Long wall) 
1875August6Gartgill No 7Coatbridge, LKSWm Baird & CoRobert DouglasTrimmer17Above GroundBy falling among waggons being shunted by a locomotive 
1875August19MerrytonHamilton, LKSMerryton Coal CoJohn SommervilleCollier40Falls of RoofAt face. Strong post roof (stoop and room) 
1875August23NewlandsBothwell, LKSDunn BrothersJames McInallyFireman35Explosion of FiredampHe was examining the place and had a naked light as well as a Davy lamp

From Main body of report:
The first on the list was a fireman in Newlands pit. He went in to examine a mine, followed within 50 yards by three workmen. He carried a naked light as well as a safety lamp. It appears that from some cause or other fire damp had accumulated outside of where he usually left his naked light, and when he met the gas the explosion took place. He was killed and two of the others were injured. This accident was caused by the gross neglect of the sufferers in failing to observe the General and Special Rules. The deceased was the person, appointed in terms of the 2nd General Rule, whose duty it was to "inspect with a safety lamp that part of the mine," and also to see that " a workman shall not go to work in such part" until the same ... " are stated to be safe." The other three persons neglected the 53rd Special Rule, which states " they shall not proceed into travelling roads and working places until it shall have been reported by the fireman that they are safe to be entered.''
1875August25ParkheadDalziel, LKSJohn WatsonAlex. CoatsWagonman56Miscellaneous on surfaceJammed between wagons on a siding 
1875August26PolkemmetWhitburn, LinlithgowShotts Iron CoRobt. GibsonRoadsman34In Ironstone minesFell out of cage while repairing signal wire 
1875August31HaughKilsythWm Baird & CoJohn McClaySinker35In Ironstone minesBy overwinding. McClay fell down the shaft and Kyle was crushed against the pithead framing, between the kettle and the “crosstrees”

From Main body of report: The sufferers in this case were sinkers, and at the time of the accident were being raised in a kettle to the surface, but the engineman instead of stopping the kettle at the usual landing at the surface raised it to the pullies and crosshead, and the deceased came violently into collision with them, and were mortally injured.

The engineman was charged by the Procurators Fiscal of Stirling with culpable homicide, he was tried at the Autumn Circuit Court held in Stirling in September last and sentenced to three months imprisonment.
Chas KyleSinker30
1875September1BalbirnieMarkinch, FIFJohn BalfourJames WilsonCollier50Falls of CoalThe coal which he was trying to take down fell upon him (stoop and room) 
1875September1KinneilBo'ness, LinlithgowGeorge Wilson & CoJas. SneddonCollier34Falls of RoofAt face. Insufficient propping (Long wall) 
1875September9GreenendCoatbridge, LKSW S DixonPat GilmartinMiner28Falls of Roof & SidesFall of roof Newspaper Report - Old Monkland pages
1875September16BlantyreBlantyre, LKSWm Dixon LtdD CrawfordSinker24Falling into shaft from surfaceHe was bringing a cistern up a sinking pit, which caught on reaching the surface and pitched him offNewspaper report - Blantyre pages
1875September16Kirkwood No 1Coatbridge, LKSJohn HendrieOwen FallenCollier32Falls of Roof & SidesFall of coal. Was injured 20th August 
1875September18West LimeriggSlamannan, STILacour & WilsonJohn MarshallBrusher36Falls of RoofHe was taking down the stone which fell upon him (Long wall) 
1875September21Glengyron No 2CumnockEglinton Iron CoAdam MorrisBrusher49Falls of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1875September23FordellDalgety, FIFGWM HendersonDavid Dryburgh-------Falling into shaft from surfaceHe was pushing a wooden waterbox into the shaft when the cage was not there to receive it 
1875September24ChapelsideNew Monkland, LKSFerrier & StrainSam SimpsonCollier--Falls of CoalAt face (Long wall). Died 11th Nov 
1875September25ShieldhillPolmont, STICarron CoThomas AndersonSinker--Falling from part way downThey were enlarging the shaft, when the scaffold on which they worked gave way 
Robt. ThomsonSinker--
1875September27Lightshaw No 2MuirkirkEglinton Iron CoWm CarleCollier47Falls of Roof & SidesFall of roof. Injured on 23rd 
1875October1KingseatBeath, FIFHenderson, Wallace & CoJames MuirCollier14Falls of CoalWhile “holing” the wall came over upon him (Long wall) Newspaper reports - Fife pages
1875October7StandLanarkshire  Hugh Gallocher
   Newspaper report - New Monkland pages
1875October14QuarterHamilton, LKSColin Dunlop & CoGeo. CampbellCollier50By trams & tubsCrushed between a loaded hutch and roof while riding out on the horse road 
1875October18KinneilBo'ness, LinlithgowGeorge Wilson & CoThos RaeCollier24Falls of CoalThe coal which he was trying to take down cam over upon him (Long wall)Newspaper report - Lothian pages
1875October18Portland No 4HurlfordAllan Gilmour & CoWm WasonCollier45Falls of Roof & SidesFall of coal Newspaper reports - Ayrshire pages
1875October25CuttlehillBeath, FIFHenderson, Wallace & CoThos. RobertsonDriver15By trams & tubsHe was riding on his hutch and fell off before the wheels and was crushed 
1875October25RawyardsNew Monkland, LKSRawyards Coal Co LtdWilliam MurrayOversman40Explosion of FiredampThrough his own recklessness in firing a shot when he knew the place contained gas

From Main body of report:
The other fatal accident was also caused by the gross negligence of the sufferer, who was oversman of No. 7 pit, belonging to the Rawyards Coal Company, near Airdrie. The pit had been newly sunk to the Kiltongue coal, the levels were in about 30 yards from the shaft, and they were breaking off the "long-wall heading." The deceased and four others were blasting down the roof, within 20 feet of the face. They had knocked out the bratticing, and thus prevented the air from reaching the face ; the consequence was that fire-damp accumulated in it and reached them. They persevered, however, boring a hole with the light of a "Davy" lamp, and when it was ready to fire, they ignited the fuze with a piece of match paper. As might have been expected, when the shot went off it fired the gas, and burned him and the four others, who were within 20 yards of him. He died a few days afterwards ; the others, who were not so much burned, recovered.
1875October26SunnisideCambusnethan, LKSMerry & CunninghamJas. WrightCollier40Falls of CoalWhile taking down the coal he failed to get out of the way (Long wall) 
1875October29AllantonCambusnethan, LKSMorningside Coal CoJohn MarshallSinker--Whilst ascending or descendingWhile descending in the cage the drums got out of gearNewspaper report - Cambusnethan pages
1875October29BrowniesideNew Monkland, LKSWm Black & sonsThos. CaneCollier19Falls of RoofAt face (Long wall) 
1875October31AllanshawHamilton, LKSJno Sneddon & CoEdward ConnorSinker25Whilst ascending or descendingFell off sinking “kettle” while ascending. He got entangled with the signal wire 
1875November2Ellismuir No 2BailliestonProvanhall Coal CoThos PeacockRoadsman50Falls of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1875November5ChapelsideNew Monkland, LKSFerrier & StrainJohn DuffieBrusher40Falls of RoofHe was taking down the stone which fell upon him (Long wall) 
1875November8BonnytonKilmarnockJohn Gilmour & CoWm DonningtonCollier30Falls of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1875November10DrumlembleCampbeltonDrumlemble Coal CoChas ArmourCollier30Falls of Roof & SidesFall of coal Newspaper report - Other areas
1875November12Drumchapel No 2DuntocherMerry & CunninghamAlex. ArnotSinker20In ShaftsWas driven off a scaffold in the shaft by the breakage of a clack piece whilst engaged working at it

From Main body of report:
The pit is in the act of being sunk and is 46 fathoms deep or thereby. It appears that on the day of the accident the deceased, who was the leading man on the shift, had occasion with others to overhaul or put in a new joint in the ''clack door'' about 11 fathoms above the bottom of the shaft. After making the change it was found that the pumps were not acting, the water was "hanging" in the pumps, and the engineman after driving the pump rods for ten minutes stopped them. After a short cessation the engine was again started when the "clack piece" suddenly burst, and part of it is supposed to have struck the deceased and driven him off the scaffold, at the "clack seat'' upon which he was standing at the time, to the bottom of the pit. The clack piece was well tested, and had been in use for a number of years. There is no evidence to prove it, but I am of opinion that the pump rods and column of water had been allowed to descend at an excessive speed considering the circumstances, and coming violently in contact with the air and water lodged between the bucket and the " clack " produced the result described.
1875November12Heatheryknowe No 2BailliestonHeathery Knowe Coal CoJohn GibsonFireman, &c.34In ShaftsFell from the cage whilst being raised from the splint coal Newspaper Report - Old Monkland pages
1875November24KamesMuirkirkEglinton Iron CoMich. CavannahSinker35In ShaftsHe was lifted without a signal and getting entangled with the “crab rope” was drawn from the kettle and fell to the bottom

From Main body of report:
This pit is in the act of being sunk and at present is 328 yards deep. The deceased was at the time of the accident engaged with two neighbouring workmen putting in a set of pump rods. They had the usual tackle and appliances for such work. The rods were lowered by a steam crane and wire rope, and the deceased and his neighbours were raised and lowered in a kettle attached to a wire rope worked by the winding engine. I understand that some time before the accident, the crane or crab rope, when hanging in the shaft, got entangled with the winding rope, at the end of which the kettle, with its occupants, was hanging. Their attention was directed to this, and it appears that several attempts were made by them to disentangle the ropes and free the kettle but without success. The signal wire also had in some way got jammed between the ropes, and during this unfortunate state of things the engineman put the engine in motion and raised the kettle. It had not proceeded far when the heavy "crab" rope, still entangled with the winding rope, forced the kettle against the pumps, or shaft fittings, and the deceased was in some way forced off the kettle and fell to the bottom where he was afterwards found dead. The pitheadman stated that a "slight signal" had been made some time before the engineman raised the kettle ; this was unknown to the persons in the shaft, and if such a signal was made it must have been by accident. However, it is not stated that more than one slight signal was given, and the engineman did not hear it. Under the circumstances the signal to raise the kettle was three, the usual signal for raising men. The accident was in my opinion occasioned by the engineman disregarding this important regulation.
1875November27Blackstone No 1LugarEglinton Iron CoJames MarshallMiner19In Ironstone minesFall of roof at working face 
1875November27OvertownCambusnethan, LKSJohn WilsonWm RussellDriver14Sundries undergroundStruck with the chain at the top of a self-acting incline 
1875November30WoodsideDalserf, LKSJos. HutchisonWilliam MelvinRoadsman34Falls of RoofA stone fell from the roof of a drawing road while he was examining it (stoop and room) 
1875December1AikenheadGlasgowGeo CrookstoneRobert SteelCollier30Falls of Roof & SidesFall of coal while engaged holing it Newspaper reports - Lanarkshire pages
1875December1OvertownCambusnethan, LKSJohn WilsonAdam BinnieDriver35Falls of RoofAt “stoops”. While at the miners face the roof fell upon him unexpectedlyNewspaper report - Cambusnethan pages
1875December2CarberryInveresk, EdinburghDeans and MooreAlex. KingCollier--On inclined planesHe was travelling up an incline and was met by the truck coming down 
1875December4GlenduffilBailliestonRobert BrandSamuel TaylorCollier28In ShaftsFell from a mid-working whilst engaged with the bottomer putting a hutch upon the cage Newspaper reports - Lanarkshire pages
1875December9Govan No 5GlasgowW S DixonRobert MaxwellCollier55Falls of Roof & SidesFall of roof 
1875December10Common, No 11LugarEglinton Iron CoJohn EarlMiner28In Ironstone minesFall of roof at working face 
1875December18DalzielDalziel, LKSJno McAndrew & CoRobt. MaxwellCollier60Falls of CoalWhile “shearing” the coal after it was holed it fell upon him (stoop and room) 
1875December29OakbankWest Calder, EdinburghOakbank Oil CoAlex. CalderwoodRoadsman21In Shale minesThe side of the shaft at the surface gave way while he was descending 
1875December30Common, No 2LugarEglinton Iron CoThos. McInulteyMiner40In Ironstone minesFall of roof at working face 
1875December31Corby Craigs No 5DalmellingtonDalmellington Iron CoJames LowryRoadsman25In Ironstone minesWas struck by stone whist blasting 

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